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Thursday, October 06, 2005

No More Bad Days

I have decided to have no more "bad days." It may sound crazy, but I don't like them so simply won't have them. Recovering from "depression" it is easy to slip into the habit of just feeling apathetic about everything. Or got to my other extreme where I am just angry at everything. This is just no fun. So, I have decided no more bad days.

From now on I will do my best to notice when I am not responding well and only have a bad half-day, or a bad hour. Eventually I hope to work my way to a bad minute. Can you imagine when one of your friends walks up with that look of deep concern and says, "Hey, is somthing wrong?" You take a deep breath and say, "Woo. Glad that's over. I was having a bad minute there. For at least a full second I thought it might be one of the worst minutes of my life! But, it's over now. The rest of the day is good."

Yeah....that will be nice.


Blogger Jim McKeeth said...

Amen! I love it!

Mon Oct 10, 04:16:00 PM MDT  

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