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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Flowing With the Universe

"Want more peace in your life? What about money? Love? All of it is trying to come to you. Simply learn to harmonize with the Universe." Great ad, yet so true.

Do you know what advise I would give someone trying to learn to harmonize with the Universe? I will tell you. Two things. 1) Drop your shoulders 2)Breathe (not in that order)

Now, I will admit totally honestly I am not an expert on this. In fact I have lived much of my life fighting the Universe. Only recently have I been awakened to the idea of possibly living without struggle. As I embark on this new path it must constantly be brought to my attention that it is NOT meant to be "hard work." In fact if it feels like effort I am doing it wrong!

So, first: drop the shoulders. Tension builds up in tight shoulders. Often life gets hectic, we are a very busy society, and we begin to tense up our bodies without realizing it. (Personally, I think I am always tense if I am not making a conscious effort not to be.) We allow stress ad constriction into our lives and it manifests in the body. Just as blood has a hard time flowing through a constricting valve, the Universe has a hard time sending blessings through a constricting life! So, drop your shoulders, ease the constriction and allow good things to begin flowing.

Second: breathe. Slow down. Ever hear "the breath of life?" This is it, flowing through you. Breathe. Concentrate on the simple in...out... Clear your mind, even if only for a second. Slow down. In and Out. Refocus. For this moment everything stops rushing at you in a confusing blur. For this moment every event in the Universe is happening in perfect harmony, exactly as it is suppose to. Breathe. In. Out. For just this second slow down enough to breathe. Deeply.

When you think you are ready to try going a little more big time, do both at once! Drop shoulders. Deep breath in. Let it all out. Release the shoulders some more. Breathe. I find 3-5 good deep breaths helpful.

Ready to move into a more "zen-like" life style? Practice catching yourself in a harried rushed moment and just breathe.

Good luck and remember.....breathe.


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