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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Updating 72 Hour Kits

Somehow I got sidetracked working on 72 hour kits today. All the food expired sometime in '03.
The clothes I packed for my second child would now fit my fourth. Our youngest is still crawling and in diapers, which there was none. No formula, not even a bottle. At least two of our kids would have no fresh clothes. Canned food and fruit juice definately not the best ideas. Think I'll go for MREs this time.

I was pleased to see some good ideas. Apparently Pert's trial size bottle is just about the size of a 'D' battery so I had put the bottle (tightly sealed) inside the flashlight, since you can't store the batteries in the flashlight. Also, with young children I had thought to pack balloons and a couple small toys. In the news reports on the hurricane victims there was a picture of a mother reading to her two daughters. What a great thing to take with you, a couple thin paperbacks. I would discourage crayons. Colored pencials travel better. If you do fel prone to crayons make sure to put them in a ziploc in case of melting or breaking.

Definately 72 Hour Kits would benefit from scheduling rechecks at least annually. If you have meds be sure to rotate them monthly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
We're going to update our 72 hour kits as well. I actually really enjoy preparedness activities (food storage, planning, the like)
In ours I had put: the 'missionary' BoM in ziplock (military size would work even better! they are so super small)
paper, pencils (colored) and a small plushie. and a few paperback books.
I also put in 'desserts' Chocolate, candies, gum- for each dinner and for each person :) Tell me chocolate wouldn't comfort a person in the middle of a crisis (it works for me every month ;)
a solar radio/flashlight. rain gear. first aid stuff. duct tape! (very useful for binding ankles or makeshift 'rope' in a pinch)
rope, matches (dipped in candle wax/ and then sealed in ziplocks.
I put everything in ziplocks bcz then it's all more likely to stay dry (We live in the PAC NW, so that's a real concern)
I put a few lil 'travel' games in there. baby wipes, and that was before we had a baby (good for quick sanitary situations)
Then the standard meals and water, H20 purification tabs, and
clothing changes. candles. sunblock. that 'cook' as well as light/heat.
I want to add wool socks and gloves and blankets bcz they retain heat even if wet.
And I want to get the MRE! YOu know they have these wonderful ones that you 'crush' and bend and it starts a chemical reaction so that the food is heated that way. Nifty! And I need to prepare one that will have all that a baby/toddler needs now that we've out lil son w/ us :)
I love this topic. I could go on and on. :)(Obviously)
Oh and I stuck a deck of UNO cards in our kits too. THings like that. I wanted to have things that would relieve stress my child would experience, and help her feel normal (as much as could be) in any event we needed to use those kits.
Best bet- being prepared, but never needing them. . .:)

Fri Sep 16, 01:52:00 AM MDT  
Blogger Dawn McKeeth said...

What a great comment. Thank you. Those are great ideas! Duct tape! I can't believe I never thought of that! Thank you for pointing out so many of the small things we tend to forget. If wool is an issue, fleece works well too for staying warm when wet.

Fri Sep 16, 10:58:00 AM MDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(by the way that was me posting, Lotus. I thought I typed in my name. . . :)
I forgot that about fleece, but yeah it does work well when wet too.
Makes good 'cloth diaper' liners, so it'd definately work well in our rainy weather!

Sun Sep 18, 03:10:00 AM MDT  

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