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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Small Acts of Kindness

Today is my birthday. Usually this is my happiest day all year. I mean what a gift, just to be alive! Definately a reason to celebrate! This year it is not such a happy day. I am simply feeling overwhelmed with everyday life. In fact it's been hard not to be down right depressed. There is just so much to do.

John, my Schwan's guy, stopped on his rounds today. He is always so friendly. He's been our regular for well over a year now and has become a friend. He noticed I was a bit down. He played with the kids while I decided on what ice cream to get for my birthday. They love playing with him. It was nice to see them giggling. Then when he brought in my order he held one hand behind his back. He set my things in the kitchen and then presented me with a Strawberry Supreme Pie as a birthday gift. I knew it came from generosity and a desire to make me feel better. I teared up. It was just so thoughtful.

Life is really stitched together by the small acts of kindness we give to each other. They touch our hearts planting the seeds of hope and love.

Thank you again to John, and to all others who reach out in small ways.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Tue Sep 06, 12:26:00 PM MDT  
Anonymous Amy said...

Happy Birthday Dawn!!! You are most certainly loved! *Big Hugs*

Tue Sep 06, 10:07:00 PM MDT  
Anonymous Marcos said...

Glad to hear there was a good moment.

Happy Birthday and hang in there

Fri Sep 09, 12:18:00 AM MDT  

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