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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My Tree Climbing Monkey

Today I was out in the yard with my children and my mother. Emily, the 2 year old, was grabbing a branch just above her head and pulling herself up.

I said, "Are you a monkey?"


"Are you trying to climb the tree?"

'Yeah. I climb the tree."

I noticed there was a couple branches just about the height of my head she could easily sit on and since they were low I could help hold her there. I called her over and held her so she could reach the branches, but not so high she was just on them. I wanted her to feel as if she really did climb there. Boy, was I in for a shock! She's always says "I a mun-key!" She wasn't joking. Barely gave her a hand up and she took right off. Her feet were higher than my head in no time. Grandma was obviously terrified. I was thrilled and ran for the camera while Grandma played spotter. Ultimately she got up to a height of about 8 feet, 4 different times. I was so proud. Give that girl a tail and she would have swung from tree to tree!

You go girl!


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