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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Kids and 72 hour Kits

Well, as I told you I was updating our 72 hour kits this week. Thanks to a great comment left by Lotus, I ended up adding a few items to my shopping list. After putting away the groceries it was time to start on the kits again. For some reason the kids came around and were totally enthralled by the whole thing. Being a family of 6 it no longer all fits in 2 backpacks so I decided the boys are big enought to help with some light bags. They were thrilled! "What's going in my bag?" "Can I try it on?" "Mom, what about this picture? We might need it?" "Should I put my blankie in?" And on and on.

I explained that we don't get stuff in and out all the time. These bags are in case something might happen where we might have to leave our house very fast and not have time to pack. It was a difficult concept to help them understand an emergency without shaking their sense of security. They did all right I think. They helped pack a coloring book, some balloons, and a few other things they thought might keep them busy. If we ever should have to leave, I certainly hope there is time for them to each grab a "lovey" to take with them too.


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