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Monday, September 19, 2005

Daddy the Hero

Sarah, our one year old, is the happiest baby ever. She rarely ever cries for any reason. Tonight not long after she was laid down for bed she was in an all out scream! Poor baby. She cuddled righ into being held and rocked but it was obvious she was in apin and miserable. She kept crying...I felt awful for her.

We rocked. We walked. Tried a warm bath. After about 30 minutes Daddy came to take a turn. He had not had her even 30 seconds and she barfed all over the front of him. He didn't freak out at all. He was just glad that she would probably feel better now. He brought her back to the bathroom where I was emptying the tub from the failed bath attempt so I could get her all taken care of.

Not much later I was rocking her in the living room still wrapped in a towel while Daddy cleaned up everything when up comes more. Fortunately it almost all got on the towel. Daddy again cleaned it up so Mommy could rock and comfort the baby. And round number 3 as well. He got it all taken care of. What a wonderful hubby and Daddy to realize how much support was needed for both of us to fel better. Daddy, our hero!


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