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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Technical Difficulties

ARG! So I am trying to be nice and help my husband book his trip. After over an hour we settled on a package on I have it all down to the "confirma nd we will charge your card" button. Then I open another window to price the difference if we drop the car and use the shuttle. Then decide it would be better to have the car anyway so just close that window and hit the confirm button in the first window.

Well, apparently the computer is so smart it took the default stuff in the second window and confirmed it in the first window. ARG! Totally WRONG! so, then I have to call Customer Service and ask to have my NON_REFUNDABLE trip refunded. Needless to say my frustration level was EXTREMELY high. So, I'm chatting on-line with a dear friend of mine filling him in whilst I go through the menus to get put on hold and he respondes with the following:

(17:41:02) Anthony: "Welcome to voice prompt and queue hell, we know you have important things to do, so we're going to let you rot on hold for 60 minutes before we even consider your call. You will then be greeted by a representative who knows even less about what they're doing than you do and will get irritated if you tell them so. Your call IS important to us, please stay on the line for the next available argumentative specialist. Oh, don't forget to try and stay awake during our cheezy soothing music."

Exactly what I needed. I busted up laughing. Totally relieved my tension. Thank you so much, Anthony. The young lady actually turned out to be very helpful and understanding. She was able get everything worked out so I got the itenaray I origanally wanted without making me feel like a total moron. Thank you to her as well.


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