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Monday, August 22, 2005

Like Riding a Bike?

Well, today I did something I have not done in YEARS! I contacted someone about a job. I have not actually applied for a job in....9 or 10 years. I haven't worked in a job for over 5 years. My kids have been my very full-time job! (Read ALL time)

The craziest part is I"m not doing it for the money! In fact, I'll be lucky to make enough to cover child care. Plus, it's mandatory travel so I'll be away from my kids up to one full week a month. Why then, you may be asking, would I do this? There is literally only position I would consider taking and this is it: core staff with Peak Potentials.

Volunteering at camp was absolutely amazing. Watching people change their lives for the better right before your eyes. There is nothing to even compare it to. It is a gift to assist in this work. I truely believe this company is affecting a positive change on the planet. My children are strong. They know Mommy loves them. They are surrounded by people who will love and support them. All will be well. If it is meant to be, it will be.


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