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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Picture Time

So we went to get family pictures last ngiht. What an adventure. Mem fell asleep on the way in, thus greatly flattening her hair. Next, I had planned to get TJ a new shirt before pictures. They were able to get us in sooner than expected so I had not gotten TJ a new shirt yet. I cleaned up the one he had on as best I could. Since we got in early, I was taking care of TJ and Mem while they started on JJ and Sarah. I came in to discover they had taken their pictures landscaped instead of vertical. So those needed to be redone. By the time we finished the individual shots the kids were "done." After much struggle we managed one so-so family picture.

I would much prefer to get them redone, but I may need a couple weeks to rest up for it first...and next time it will be in the morning!


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