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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Patriotic - Going From Head to Heart

From the time I was small I was taught to stand when the flag passed in parades. I said the pledge at school and learned about all the wars. I have seen pictures of the white crosses and "the wall." The saying 'freedom isn't free' has been around for as long as I can remember. I have always been grateful to live in America, but I don't think I really understood beyond a mere acedemic level until today, the day AFTER the 4th of July.

Last night, like many family, we were watching fireworks go off in our neighborhood. We happen to live in one of those areas where people get a lot of illegal fireworks, the kind that shot high up in the air and put on an amazing, if dangerous, show. So as we sat outside in our yard we could see them in up in the sky in any direction yuo looked. There were the kind that whistle on the way up, some that snap and pop, some that just do a big sonic-type "BOOM!" as well as the big splashes of color!

I wanted the boys to have some grasp of why we have fireworks so we had a mini-lesson recapping what we had talked about concerning the Reveloutionary War and how the fireworks remind us of the wars we have been in to keep our country free. I know it is absolutly nothing like being anywhere near a real battle, but the sounds and flashing lights certainly placed themselves in my mind.

Well today I was cleaning up some blood (nothing serious) and saw it against the white gauze. I thought of the red on the flag. I noticed then my blue jeans behind the guaze, making red, white and blue together. The red blood of all those who have served...never knowing me, but believing in the value of my right to live. White guaze, a symbol of the healings...implying the wounds. My blue jeans...everyday normal people like farmers, factory workers, businessmen, all willing to put aside all social class systems to stand together to fight for the love of their familes and homes.

Looking at the blood so stark against that blood...I just really got it somehow. I know it is not as deeply impressed as someone who has suffered a loss or been in a war, but I am grateful to have this feeling impressed onto my heart.

Thank you, America, and to all those who do now and have protected her.


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