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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Mental Cleanse

So my husband and i joined this mastermind group that is doing a 30 day "mental cleanse." For the next 30 days we are to not allow negativity into our minds. This means news, tv, radio, gossip, complaining, and any other negative influences. At the same time we are to be feeding our minds positive information, particularly "Think and Grow Rich."

There was the first conference call tonight. Lots of people talked about how wonderful it was, tehy have so much more peace, time, energy, ect. I wanted to just call out, "Oh please!" I finally spoke up and said that I have found that I have moments of calm, but they are alternate with times of anger, negativity, and out-of-control. The moderator actually THANKED me for being honest and bringing this up! He reassured me I was not alone. This is after all a cleanse. Just like getting your colon cleansed, a lot of gunk is going to have to come out. In about 2 weeks a dramatic shift should occur.

Well, all right. I choose to believe that I am releasing "gunk" from my brain and being. In a short time I will be cleansed glowing from the inside out. I'll keep you updated.


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