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Monday, June 27, 2005

Child's Insight

This week-end our family went to the zoo with some friends. All the kids had a wonderful time! My favorite was the Buterfly Exihbit. You go into a special tent-like flower garden with all the butterflies freely flying around. I had two land on me during our time there. Jim had one. Coming out we all felt somewhat calmer.

While the group moved along to next cage, T.J. wndered over to the river bank. He sat down and just paused in the moment. Then the group moved along to the birds. I turned to call T.J. It was obvious he was in his own space. The spot was shady with a light breeze. It was rich with feelings of life. He wasn't "zoning out," he was genuinely absorbed in just "being." I did not want to interupt, so I just squated down and waited.

After a "forever moment" he turned to look around and noticed me. We smiled at each other. I silently signaled for him to come to me. He extended his hand for me to help him up. I walked over and took his tiny hand in mine and pulled him up. I instantly felt absorbed in his moment. "Sure is peaceful, isn't it?"

He replied with that wisdom reserved for children. "It's like that soft feeling you get in your heart when you're praying to God."

Thank you, Father for giving me that glimpse into my son. Thank you for helping me see what was really happening and not interupting this beautiful moment. Thank you T.J. for reminding me what life is really meant to be about.


Anonymous Amy said...

Wow. That was so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing it!

Tue Jun 28, 02:21:00 AM MDT  

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