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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bad Momma - No Chocolate

So my daughter is 2. She was gifted with lovely curly hair. Many people have encouraged me to enter her in modeling/photo/beauty contests. I am not bragging, just explaining how it is. Well, she's had a few trims but noe real haircuts so as it gets longer it has gone from "Oh, how adorable" to wild child. I figured, it just needs evening up, how hard could that be? I'll just do it myself.

In films about the 20s or 30s you know that short haircut the laidies have? The one where the curl barely covers their ears? Well....Oops.

Jim's on a business trip. He is not even gonna' recoginize our little angel when he gets back.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Child's Insight

This week-end our family went to the zoo with some friends. All the kids had a wonderful time! My favorite was the Buterfly Exihbit. You go into a special tent-like flower garden with all the butterflies freely flying around. I had two land on me during our time there. Jim had one. Coming out we all felt somewhat calmer.

While the group moved along to next cage, T.J. wndered over to the river bank. He sat down and just paused in the moment. Then the group moved along to the birds. I turned to call T.J. It was obvious he was in his own space. The spot was shady with a light breeze. It was rich with feelings of life. He wasn't "zoning out," he was genuinely absorbed in just "being." I did not want to interupt, so I just squated down and waited.

After a "forever moment" he turned to look around and noticed me. We smiled at each other. I silently signaled for him to come to me. He extended his hand for me to help him up. I walked over and took his tiny hand in mine and pulled him up. I instantly felt absorbed in his moment. "Sure is peaceful, isn't it?"

He replied with that wisdom reserved for children. "It's like that soft feeling you get in your heart when you're praying to God."

Thank you, Father for giving me that glimpse into my son. Thank you for helping me see what was really happening and not interupting this beautiful moment. Thank you T.J. for reminding me what life is really meant to be about.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Just Too Cute!

A milestone in any child's development is when they begin repeating things you have said. Jim and I have a phrase we often use when the kids are being little helpers. Today was the first time I questioned that phrase....when my cute little 2 yr old said it.

We were out back. I was pulling some weeds and doing some yard work. She beamed, "Momma, I help. I help you."

"Yes, dear, I see you are helping. You are such a big helper."

"I too much help!" *big proud grin*

*smirk - Yes, Dear. You often are.*

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Parenting tips?

OK, I admit I do not know enough. My oldest son is one of those "challanging" children, very smart, curious, and no common sense. He came in from playing outside smelling like gasoline. So...I am requesting any parenting tips. I am particularly interested in any that do not involve "hitting" or otherwise touching the child in an angry manner.

What was one time your parents really made an impact on you? What worked? What didn't? What methods made you angrier? What calmed you down? Anything really make you think?

Some things to ponder...when sent to my room to "think about what you did" all I ever did was contemplate how angry I was and how I could make my parents sorry. When my Mom would spank us all that ever taught me was that it was okay to hit people smaller than you when you were angry. I do remember having to go back and shut the door correctly some incredibly almost forever amount, like 20 or something. I was much better about shutting the door right after that one.

So any thoughts? Please, lots of comments!

Rumpledoodle Recipe

This is the recipe from Pooh's Heffalump Movie.

1 cup rolled oats
1 cup sugar
1 cup flour
1 cup shredded coconut
1/2 cup raisins
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp molasses
1/2 cup unsalted butter, melted
2 tbsp boiling water

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and prepare 3 cookie sheets.

Mix the oats, sugar, flour, coconut, raisins, cinnamon, baking soda and salt in a large bowl.

Combine butter, molasses and water and pour into the dry ingredients, stir until well-mixed.

Drop teaspoon-sized amounts of dough onto the cookie sheets and bake, one sheet at a time, for 12-15 minutes.

Allow cookies to cool for 2-3 minutes on the cookie sheet before removing, them completely cool on a wire rack.

I was very frustrated not being able to find it on Disney's website. Fortunately some kind bloggers have started posting it!

Additional Tips: Having made these now, we found adding a teaspoon of vanilla for flavor helpful. Also, chilling the dough for about 30 minutes before baking helped end that spreading effect. Remove the cookies when they are just browning (12 minutes), allowing to cool on the pan for chewy texture, bake the full 15 minutes for firmer texture.


Our internet was down for a while. It was actually very educational. One day as I realized *again* I couldn't log on, it occurred to me how small my world became...instantly. Suddenly I became much more aware of my household, my tiny little world. It was a strange feeling.

Friday, June 03, 2005

The House

Before I ever had kids I always wanted to be the cool house, where all the neighborhood kids hung out. When we got the kids' swingset we got the one with 3 swings, a twirly thing, a glider, and a basket thing, plus a slide. The idea being we could have several kids over at once. We have a "dirt" spot back in the corner for the kids to dig in, a little picnic table, tons of balls, a mini-tramp, and who knows what all else back there.

The kids prefer out front. They like the shade.

Alas, I did not also realize there is a price to be paid being the house all the kids hang out at. First there is the poor yard. It gets rocks and dirt piled in it. The papers from notes are often left behind. My poor Maple tree has had branches broken off and it's bark scrapped away. (I have addressed this, but I don't know if it will help.) Then there is the food bill. I had prepared myself mentally for when the kids were teenagers, but elemantary & pre-school kids eat a suprising amount too. Plus they are picky!

At least there are some up-sides. Laughter pouring in through the window. Friends for my kids. Knowing where the kids are, and their friends....and a few minutes of peace between the calls to fix a bike, get water, or do someone's hair. Ah-h-h-h-h......