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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Shoes Make the Outfit

For some reason I fail to comprehend in my obviously dulled adult brain, my 2 year old daughter is sure if she has shoes on she is prepared to go outside. I believe her dress code for outdoor wear must go something as follows. Shoes are a must. They do not have to be her own shoes, nor weather appropriate. Ideally they should have socks on underneathe, even sandals. However, if there are no socks in the drawer or they are too hard to get on socks can be omitted. Generally a diaper, panties or a swimsuit are encouraged but all other clothing is optional. Additionally, a shirt does not automatically mean pants too and vise versa. If you do have on a shirt and pants, well this must be a dress-up occasion so you should make sure you have a jacket as well. The jacket should coordinate so feel free to throw a fit if someone tries to put you in the wrong jacket for the outfit. If you happen to notice your poodle purse on your way out the door it is imparative you carry it at all times. A well dressed toddler needs to accessorize.

If you are staying in for the day, feel free to be comfortable. This may be feety pajamas or clothing optional...depending on the mood.


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