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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Height of Fashion

We've been shopping the past couple of days due to some unpredicted growth spurts in our house, particularly little Missy Mem. She's added an inch in the last 2 weeks. SO..discovering we had a grand total of 3 shirts that fit, it was off to the stores.

With Mem all you have to do is mention shopping and she's got her poodle purse, her shoes and is headed out the door. In our excursions a new love has appeared...hats. The girl adores hats now. In fact, everyone needs a hat. Momma needs a hat. T needs a hat. Baby needs a hat. Now I am all for guarding against the sun, but this girl is really into her hats! First store she tried on like 10 hats! Baby needed to try on hats too.

Then it was on to shirts. "Pri-ty," she would coo. Then gasp, "How coot!" All told we came home with like 7 shirts. Left up to her we would have also added quite the assortment of swimsuits as well.

The other night I was given a compliment on my sense of fashion. Thank you. I learned it all from my daughter.


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