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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Deep Thoughts and Reality

It's funny. I started blogging so I could have an outlet for my deep profound moments of inspiration. Yet somehow I look down and find it's all about my kids.


Anonymous Amy said...

Oh boy, how I can relate to that! Just wanted to post a quick hi and tell you that I love reading your blog. I check it often, even if I don't comment all the time.

We REALLY need to find a time to get together this summer! It's been fart too long!

Love ya,

Fri Jun 03, 02:49:00 AM MDT  
Anonymous Amy said...


I just saw that I had a bit of a typo on that comment there. Oh, so typical of me.

*shakes head*

*still laughing*

Sun Jun 26, 05:11:00 PM MDT  

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