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Saturday, May 28, 2005


Have you ever noticed you tend to attract what you are putting out? WHen you are having a "bad morning" it genereally leads to a whole bad day. When you are angry, every one around seems angry back. When you are in a great mood everything just seems to go right.

Today I was at the store and in a very unique "space" within myself. Everyone was equal. We are all just people. Money, status, age, gender....none of it matter in that place. These things don't normally affect my opinion of people, but this was a place of more than just not judging. I felt complete acceptance for everyone as they were. Now, this doesn't mean I was drunk with love or anything, just accepting. I found almost everyone would actually look me in the eye as we passed. We would hold it for a moment and both smile. It was a shared moment of simple respect and peace. I really felt I had a conversation with each person. It was a neat experience.


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