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Saturday, April 09, 2005

My Money Magnet

Remember Jonathan's cookie dough sales for school? Well he earned getting to go in the cash grab machine for one of his prizes. It was suppose to be 3 weeks ago, but it finally happened today. He was one of only 2 first graders that earned it. He decided on a strategy ahead of time. He wore his hooded sweatshirt with the kangaroo pocket. He was very anxious for his turn to come. He climbed in and they closed the door. 35 seconds of furiously grabbing and stuffing into that pocket until it was full! He came out with a wad! He was so happy. After the official count it was announced. $58! That is a lot of cash for a 7 yr old boy! What a money magnet.

We sorted his money when he got home from school. Some for tithing, education, Long term savings, and of course, play. We put $30 of it towards play. He immediately spent $17 ordering a spy kit and 8 books from a book order. He wanted to spend it all, but I know it will be more fun if he can spend part of it on a toy or video games or something more gratifying. I am very proud of him. He worked hard for it and came up with a good idea on how to get the most out of his chance. Most importantly he had fun the whole way!


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