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Monday, April 04, 2005

Fun Times

Walking in there were cases of things I had never even imagined. Shelves of items in exotic flavors with names I couldn't even pronounce. Today I visited the Boise Co-Op. It is an amazing place. They had all kinds of products from all over the world, every vegatarian alternative you could imagine, natural clothes, every kind of hebal supplements, free range "addative"-free meat, more cheeses than I knew existed, a Gelato bar, hand-made chocolates, and on and on and on....

It was like being a kid in a sugar-free safe candy store. Best of all, everyone was very kind to my children and seemed to genuinely enjoy having them there!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do so like the Boise Co Op
- I went there when it was small and quaint and odd. When it was in a little building on Hill Road, sitting under the tall cliff wall that was "painted" with bird droppings-
and -oh-
Wild flour (or flower?) bakery had the best cookies.
no dairy. thick, fat. just wonderful. I dream of those cookies sometimes. chocolate chips. raisins.
all kinds of grains. a meal of a cookie- so satisfying.
I remember what it smelled like to walk into that store- earthy, herbs (said with "hard" H sound! of course! not weakened Erbs)
Spices, insence, beeswax candles, and health- if one could smell health, was the scent there.
I found a Co op here in my town and I was so excited my stomach did flops. When I walked in- I inhaled deeply- and found home. It smelled the same. :)

Wed Apr 06, 01:04:00 AM MDT  

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