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Monday, March 07, 2005

Sticker Shock

Holy Cow! When scrapbooking first starting becoming popular I got on the bandwagon. Then it was on to stamping. Well, like so many gals I let it fall to the wayside, or in my case the closet. I was left with piles of half-done projects. It had been well over a year since last time I worked on it. Well, Friday night I was invited to go to an in-shop late nighter. It was nice getting going again.

The shock came as I started noticing all the new gizmos and trends out, and the price tags that went with them. $10 to punch paper? Really? Of course, I needed to get more supplies today to work on more pages. My first suprise came when I found out two craft stores in my area were going out of business, one just closed and those left don't carry much in the way of open-stock cardstock. Plus, all the prices went up! $0.59 for one piece paper?! My goodness.

Then I stopped by the supermarket and realized how much milk has gone up in the last 18 months. You know, my Dad once told me when he was a young man he thought if he ever made $50,000 a year he would be a rich man. He raised 5 kids and then took care of his parents after we moved out. We both thought about that for a minute. He then told me now days you have to make at least $50,000 just to get by if you are going to have a family. I'd add you also have to be creative.


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