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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Opening My Global Eyes

Tonight I watched part of a PBS special about the explosion of Krakatoa in 1883. It so amazed me I was totally entranced. Something in me "got it." I went out to, where they had great links, to learn more about volcanic forces and the resulting tsunamis. The devistation caused through out history, especially in the last 150 years, is very scary. All of a sudden it felt real to me. I can not even comprehend the beginnings of what has been left behind from December's Tsunamis. You hear the numbers and see the maps, but it didn't mean anything to me until tonight. Something inside hurts for those people. Something warns of more to come in my lifetime. Fear threatens to control me, but I am bigger than fear. These things will happen. I can not change the forces of nature, but I can control my reaction.

I heard a speaker tell of his brother coming home from vacation with his family and then jumping in a plane to fly relief over to those in need. He didn't even have to think about it. He had the resources and there was a need so he went. I do not know if it is meant fo rme to have millions of dollars to give, but I can prepare myself and my children so that we are willing to give whatever we can whenever we can. Actually, my children already display a great desire to do this. Thus, I shall simply choose to support it more from now on.

Again being taught by those I thought were students.


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