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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

New Option to Save Lives

The other night we left a candle to burn itself out. As we drifted off to sleep the smoke from the smothering candle set off the alarm. DANG those things are loud! As with most newer houses, all our smoke dectectors are wired together, thus setting them all off. Prince Charming immediatly set about trying to silence the alarm while I rushed to comfort the children before they ran outside. I needn't have worried. They slept through it all! Although it was nice they weren't scared, it certainly scared me! How can they get out safely if they don't even wake up?

Well, my Ever Wonderful Prince has found a great new product. It is a smoke detector that you record a message into. Extensive studies found that children will wake up to a familar voice faster than a loud annoying sound. (I know the alarm can go off for 15 minutes without waking Jim up, but Jonathan saying, "Dad" usually has us both awake.) In a fire time is important. Every second counts. Of course, none of us ever believe a fire will happen to us.

" Fire is the fifth leading unintentional cause of injury and death in the United States . . . it also ranks as the first cause of death for children under the age of 15 at home. "

In 1995, 3,640 people died in reported home fires in the United States--roughly 10 people per day.

The voice smoke detectors are $70 each. Cheap insurance if you ask me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

SO SMART! Thank you for sharing this! We had a tragedy at my kid’s school last month because of fire. One of Britton's classmates’ mother and 2-year old sister and 4-year old brother were killed in a house fire. It has been horrible.

One thing I didn't know until this happened (maybe you did) is to keep in mind that oxygen feeds the fire. That's what happened the case here. The front door was opened while the mother went to get the kids and it just chased her up the stairs. Go to a room and shut the door and put a towel or clothing under the crack before opening a window or door.

Anyway, thanks for the heads up on this product.


Fri Mar 04, 11:12:00 PM MST  

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