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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Lessons in Shoplifting

My sister called and "encouraged" me to post more. I considered doing a post on all the things my daughter has rubbed in her hair over the past week, but then something much more interesting happened.

Today we went grocery shopping. I usually go in the middle of the nght while the children sleep, but our diaper supply had reached 'critical.' We did a pass through Wal*Mart. Afterwards we went to Albertson's for produce. As I am getting into the van after loading in the groceries TJ (4) informs me his 7 year old brother was kind enough to share Skittles with him.

"Jonathan, where did you get Skittle?" ("Please, God, let them be left over from school.")

*scared look...* "Wal*Mart"

crap. So I did my best to stay calm and enlighten him to the seriousness of his crime. We went home to get his Play Money. Back to Wal*Mart. I told him he had to apologize to the Manager and tell him/her what he had done. I told him the store had the right to call the police but they probably wouldn't because he was so young.

So all 4 kids and I went back in the store, found the Manager and I told her Jonathan had something he wanted to say. He held up the empty package and said he was sorry for stealing it. He also held up a dollar and said, "I hope this is enough." The manager actually looked unsure. The wonderful checker that happen to be standing next to her told Jonathan that it was very brave of him to come back and tell them what he had done and thanked him for his honesty. The manager asked if Mommy had told him what could happen when we take stuff. He said yes and she told him that was good and to make sure he always listned to his Mommy. For some reason I was having a heck of a time staying serious and not smiling. It was all so dog gone cute.

So after he paid for the pilfered candy we headed home again. "I will never do that again!" He was very serious and quiet for a couple of minutes. I swear you could feel the moment the tension left and it was "over."

I have never in my life stolen anything that I can recall. It's just wrong. So I have no idea what he was thinking. All I know is if he had to learn from experience, I am grateful to get the lesson over at 7 with 51 cents worth of candy rather than have him give in to the temptation at 17 with a much higher price tag, one so high money doesn't even compare.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Impressive lady! You sound like you are so busy - you found a way to put in your valuable time to teach your child an important life lesson when it would do him the most good. Bravo! You set a great example to your son and to everyone who reads your blog!

Thu Mar 24, 06:16:00 AM MST  
Blogger HollyTheWanderer said...

You handled that with aplomb. I remember when I took a toy boat from a friend's house and Mom took me back and made me apologize. There's something about that moment that sticks with you forever.

Fri Mar 25, 09:05:00 PM MST  

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