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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Indigo Children

A woman I am pleased to call my friend, Carol, was kind enough to tell me about "Indigo Children." This is the belief that many of the children being born today really are different to their very core. They are special, here to usher in a transition for the Earth. Now I know this sounds really new-age and a lot of you are wondering if I'm serious. In fact, I do believe it. I was raised to believe that a great war between good and evil is coming. I am sure you have heard stories of the "apocalypse." Most cultures and religions teach some form of this. As this time approaches there arises a need for the "best and brightest," Warriors of the Light so to speak. Wouldn't it stand to reason that those filling that role would be "different?" Perhaps even from birth?

So, after being lightly introduced to the concept I began searching the internet for more information. I did find one site that had kind of a quiz for identifying Indigos. I can say with great certaintanty that my oldest "fits the bill." They say that diagnosis of ADD/ADHD is growing at an alarming rate. Could be because most of those kids are really Indigos!

Well, in my quest to always improve my parenting, I found a book called "The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children" by Doreen Virtue. Much of the book is directed at helping you understand what is going on inside an Indigo, what drives them. That was helpful, but more immediately helpful was when it got around to talking about diet. I was able to identify some definate things my son was missing by the physical symptoms described. As an example he was lacking essential fatty acids (excessive thirst, frequent urination, dry patches of skin, and miniture whiteheads on arms) so we now start our day with a "smoothie" with flaxseed oil added. Additionally he was missing magnesium and B-6 (hyperactivity) so we follow the smoothie with a children's vitamin (free of dyes, added sugar and artificial flavorings. I was able to find a great help at our only local health food store.) The kids actually love the vitamins and are okay with the smoothies. We have cut WAY back on sugars of any kind, none what so ever after 3:30 pm, dropped fast food and are also cutting back on meat, slowly weaning ourselves back. It does not have to be part of a daily diet.

After the basic eating changes, which came a couple weeks before the smoothies and vitamins, I noticed some improvement in behavior. After only 3 days of smoothies and vitamins I would rate it as significant improvement. He was much calmer today. More polite, no outbursts, and slept longer this morning. I wouldn't say he is a whole different kid yet, but I am really impressed with the change in only 3 days. I would highly recommend to anyone to at least try a good healthful daily vitamin/mineral supplement for your kids. I don't mean those sugared fakey things from the grocery store either. Something their body can actually use. We got Animal Friends, in cherry flavor. How they do that with out additives is beyond me, but they even smell good!

I'll keep you posted on future implimentatioins and our progress.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fascinating subject! My faith teaches that there are a number of spiritual children waiting to be born.. I figure, when they are out, we will no longer have children... So there must be an entire set of people destined to never have children. I'll bet they are different in a number of ways.

Sun Mar 27, 10:51:00 AM MST  

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