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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Boomerang Bedtime

For any of you who have children you are familar with the new stage our house has entered. Emily (2 yrs.) has discovered she can not only get out of bed, but can open her bedroom door and come out of her room. Bedtime is exciting now.

Take Emily into her room and lay her down. "Good night, Mem." Tuck . Kiss. Walk out, close door. Wait 2 minutes. "Hi Mommy. Hi Daddy." "No, Memmy. Night-night time." Repeat.

We do this for anywhere from 30 minutes to....oh.....last night was 3 hours.

We have discovered one little glimmer of hope in all this. Sarah, the baby. Her crib is in the same room as Emily's bed. We have found that if Sarah is asleep in her crib. Emily's whole attitude changes. "Sh-h-h. Baby ni-ni." She lays down and goes to sleep quietly.

Now, the solution may seem wildly obvious but there is one small hic-up. Sarah is 6 months old so her schedule is different. She likes a nap in the evening, usually just after dinner, for about an hour. Then she's up late, as is her sister. *sigh*

(For you "fixers" in the audiance, I am not looking for solutions. This is just a share to "comiserate.")

I know we aren't alone in this. If you are experiencing it, now you know you aren't alone either. If your days of this are over, good for you. We are all happy for you. Of course, now you get to miss sleep waiting for teenagers to come home. :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lol!!! First of all, I LOVE the title of this entry. Hee hee! SO TRUEN and boy oh boy can I relate! 2-year olds are a trip!

It's funny, but I read the dialog of this entry and I can totally picture MY resident 2-year old, Paige, saying it. :-) How fun life is eh? I'm enjoying this period of her development though. But come to think of it, the screaming in the car part this afternoon after a visit to Hastings (where she wasn't able to get everything she wanted... I know, the horror!) was a little trying on my nerves.

Anyway... this made me laugh. Not AT you of course, WITH you. ;-)

Love ya,

Fri Mar 04, 11:04:00 PM MST  

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