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Thursday, February 17, 2005

What Do You Do All Day?

Fortunately, today's world is much more supportive about stay-at-home moms. Still, some wonder, "What do you do all day?" Well, let's see. I started my day running to the store to get more formula. Home to feed the kids. Get the oldest out the door to school. Feed the baby. Get her down for a nap. Rotate laundry. Pick up toys. Put away a laundry. Meanwhile, the kids decided they wanted juice and spilled half the pitcher in the fridge and across the floor. TJ (4) tried to clean up the mess himself. So now, it's all over.

Right. Now we mop. Clean out the fridge. "Mommy, Emily is dumping the red sauce on the floor in the TV room." Right. Scrub Tabasco Sauce out of the carpet. Back to the kitchen. Clean out the drawers, the shelves, ect. and place them in the tub. Move the fridge and clean up the floor. Take the finger paints away from Emilly (2). Change the baby's poopy diaper. Give TJ and Emily snacks. Take the trash out. Realize if I don't take a "breather" I may scream.

So, here I am blogging this. I still have to wash up all the fridge parts in the tub, put the fridge back together, move it back, and then clean the tub.

And it's only 11:30 a.m. So, how's your day going?


Blogger Jim McKeeth said...

Sounds like a four ring circus, and you are the ring master. I, on the other hand, am a clown.

Sat Feb 19, 02:03:00 AM MST  

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