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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Trust is a Choice

I belive trust is something you choose to give; not something to be "earned," as I was raised to think. A person can do everything in their power to prove they are trustworthy, but it will still only mean as much as the other party allows it to. Conversely, someone can be a total crook and convince people to trust him. It is all based on someone choosing to trust.

There was more in me that I was withholding. "I trust you with my life, but not this part of me." That just doesn't cut it anymore. I now choose to trust completly. I am choosing to give more of myself, those secret hidden corners of my heart. Furthermore, I anticipate this will not be the "end-all" of giving trust.

The opposite of trust is fear. I have been ruled by fear long enough. I now choose trust. Trust in myself to handle life, trust in Jim to treat me gently, trust in my childern to make they best choices they know how, trust that life is sending exactly what I need and most of all trust in God, that He is mindful of me at all times.

I choose to live my life, instead of fear ruling it for me.


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