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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

My Husband

I adore my husband. The sun rises and sets by him. He hung the moon and the stars. He is my provider and protector. With him I am free to be weak, and empowered to be strong. He is always there to take up my slack, yet the first praise me for all my efforts. He is my greatest cheerleader no matter how small the success and my greatest strength no matter how bad the failure. To him I am more precious than gold or diamonds and more valued than time. My opinion matters more than all the heads of state, without ever being made to feel wrong. In his eyes I am more beautiful than all the sunrises ever painted and more desirable than all the treasures ever found. I am treated as his equal in all ways, yet never made to feel as if I am not carrying my load. Because he accepts me exactly as I am it floods me with a desire to improve. There is never a sense of being towered over, only an invitation to rise to new heights. Even in my wildest imagination never had I pictured a true Prince Charming...until I found him in the man I married.

Thank you, My Love, for being a real man. I love you.


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