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Tuesday, February 22, 2005


All hail the conquering hero! We just finished the first part of our first family fundraiser. Our oldest, Jonathan, was selling cookie dough for school. (Thank you to all you kind souls who agreed to satisfy your sweet tooth.) Jonathan was quite the little salesman. We worked on a little "pitch" together and he actually went around and sold to some of our family and friends. He came up with a lot of creative ideas I had to veto on advertising to larger groups as well. He is turning into quite the little entrepreneur.

Daddy did an excellant job convincing everyone at work to help out. Mamma even took the form to work with her as well. All told we sold 40 buckets of cookie dough. Jonathan gets to choose from a variety of prizes and he gets to go in the $cash machine$, where he will madly try to grab flying dollar bills out of the air. Each yub of dough weighs 3 pounds. That's 120 pounds of cookie dough! We'll certainly get our work out at delivery time. (4 weeks)

You know, just thinking about all those deliveries makes me think....a snack might be nice. Anyone got a cookie? ;)


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