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Wednesday, December 29, 2004


It seems odd that in today's media entrenched society that it would be four days before word reached me of the Tsunami in Asia. It serves to remind me of so many different lessons. Foremost is how narrow the "average" person's area of concern is. When the Towers were hit on 9-11 I was called by nearly everyone I hold dear before the second tower fell. How dare this happen on American soil?!?! Here 11 countries suffer fatalities, over 77,000 counted dead already, billions in damage done. 4 days later I am astonished that no one mentioned it to me.

I went to my husband (he actually gets some news) and said, "What is this about a tsunami?" He casually said, "Yeah, there was a tsunami over in Asia. so?" "SO?!?!?! The death count is expected to rise over 100,000! It was a 9.0 earthquake that caused a tsunami and tidal waves in 11 countries. It hit Africa 6 hours after the earthquake. 6 hours!"

Aparently this was all new to him. He had heard about the disaster but had only registered that something bad happened far way and had nothing directly concerned to anyone he knew. The rest were details blurred out. Sadly, this was not an isolated reaction. Even within my very ruffled self I know deep down I would care more if it had happened in say, Hawaii and hit California. I would be very concern and scared for my friends and family down there. I would have known immediately and been dialing like a mad woman. However are those 100,000 in Asia any less precious than 100,000 American lives? No, they are not.

If you would like to help please check out the list of supporting organizations.


Blogger Jim McKeeth said...

My reaction wasn't a "So?" reaction. At least that wasn't my intention. It was a more of "Oh, you haven't heard this?" reaction. I have been changing my point of view from a less reactionary one where I jump up and down about everything that happens to a more contimplative one where I consdier things and what I can do about them. Getting excited is generally not that much of a help.

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