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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Real Estate

Well, I am so excited I can hardly belive it. I'm nervous too. Real Estate investing has excited me quite a bit for a couple years now. I've never actually closed a deal in that time, but I have put in a few offers.

I have found a great guy who is willing to teach me while I help him find properties. He knows my market well and is really friendly. He also wants to help me make money while I'm learning. Just "getting back in the game" has me pumped.

I found a wonderful deal yesterday. I have no idea how to get it, but I want it. It's a HUD repo so "creative financing" isn't much of an option. This takes me back to my reoccuring stumbling block, financing. Real Estate is about Find It, Fund It, Flip It. Well, I'm not bad at the first part, and haven't overcome the second part yet, so naturally haven't got to do the third yet. I WILL THOUGH!

My intention is to have at least 5-7 properties by the end of 2005, over 20 by the end of 2006 and 100 units by the ends of 2007. I know this seems "impossible" and crazy. BRING IT ON!


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