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Friday, December 17, 2004

The Laundramat

Poor TJ was sick awhile ago; sick enough to throw up on his comforter. This meant a trip to the laundramat. Now, going to do laudry is not real exciting, but taking 3 kids with you can make it quite the challange. Fortunately we have a system worked out. (No, this is by far not the first time.) We go in the morning when it's usually empty and the kids have free run of the place. By the time the clothes go in the dryer the kids are just starting to get bored so out come the Smarties. They have to sit quietly at the table to have their candy, but they just climb right up like little angels.

Well, this time was a tad different. Two things changed. They may seem small, but around here we celebrate all good things. First, Mem was peeking in the front loading washers having a great time smashing her face against the glass door. Then all of a sudden she's straining to climb in the machine saying, "Mine. Mine." I go over to see what she is talking about and she's reaching for a penny. She was perfectly happy taking the penny and letting Mommy have the other 37 cents. Well, isn't that just nice. :)

The other nice thing happened while the clothes were in the dryer. A very nice middle aged hispanic woman came in to do her laundry. She just loved talking with the kids. She just carried on conversations with them as if they were a couple of her best friends. It was cute. (Yes, she gave off a good "vibe," but I stayed close anyway.) Then for no reason at all she TJ if he would like to get a snack out of the machine to share with his sister. So, she just gave him a dollar. She visited with us all a few more minutes then we all went our seperate ways.

It was all in all very cool. We came out with a fresh clean blanket, a bag of Goldfish Pretzels and an extra 63 cents between the 3 of us. I think it was by far our best rip to the laundramat ever.


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