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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

God's Rules

My darling son demonstrated a great compassion and forgiveness to me a while ago. He tries so hard to be my big helper. I asked him to go shut off the tv. Emily, his almost 2 year old sister decided she wanted to watch it. Rather than coming and telling me what was going on, he physically blocked the tv from her. Well, in her mind she took the logical course of action. She bit him on the arm, HARD. He screamed and came running into to my arms. Poor little guy. His arm was already turning purple and you could see the teeth marks deeply. He cried and cried. I explained to him that she didn't know it hurt him. She came in and looked very puzzeled. I showed her the bruise and told her "Owie. You hurt him. Biting hurts." She kissed his arm and hugged him, but of course he was still crying. It hurt really bad.

After a while he calmed down. We put some aloe vera on it, which actually really did help. He forgave her. They went off and played together. I really admired him.

The real lesson for me came later that day. Someone had stopped by for a visit. During that time TJ came out and showed his arm. "Mem bit me. She's little so she doesn't know God's rules." I was a little suprised. I had only said she didn't know better. He went on to explain God says we should be nice and not hurt each other, but Mem didn't know biting would hurt and that's not following God's rules. He still loved her and completely forgave her because he accepted she did not intentionally hurt him.

What a lesson. What if we, as "grown ups" could assume other people don't intend to hurt us? What if we could so quickly forgive others even if they emotionally bruise us? Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could acknowledge we aren't all playing by the same rules? The world would be an incredible place if we all accepted there were a set of "God's rules" and all agreed to follow them. TJ created one of our family rules. It reads, "Be nice." Maybe we could just start with that.


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