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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Finding Inner Power

My husband and I just returned from Wealth and Wisdom, a seminar put on by an amazing company, Peak Potentials. The speakers were all amazing and of an astounding calibur. One of the speakers, Paul Scheele, was speaking about the conditioned robot mind that tries to protect us and the infinate intelligence we all have inside us. He said often our "R2" mind protects us from finding our true power by hiding it in our greatest fears. Well, I think he may be right.

Last fall I was privilaged to discover my passion in life. (As of yet I am not sure how it will manifest itself, but I do know what it is.) During the course of the seminar I found myself frequently feeling faint. It was the oddest thing. After watching and pondering it occurred to me this would happen ever time I was feeling moved toward that feeling of purpose and power. Since I was no longer afraid of the power my "R2" had decided to simply shut down my body so I could not experience it. How very creative! However, awareness in the key to change. Once I realized the trigger, I mastered the effect. The remainder of the time if I felt woozy for even a fraction of a second. I would simply choose not to go there and instead felt a great surge of energy.

Discovering this I was able to apply it later. A long time fear of mine has been hypnotism. I hate the idea of not being in control of my mind. Even stage shows were scary, after all they pull people out of the audiance. It was because I instinctively knew my mind is very open to suggestion. I realize now that is a wonderful power. Tell me it is possible to be rich, I belive it. Same for helping people, growing intelligence, buying real estate, starting a business, ect. If someone has done it, it can be done. Well, now I program myself to know if someone else can do it, so can I! My world is about to change incredibly. I am so hyped to see where I am in a year or two. My inner world is changing so my outter world automatically HAS to change! Woo Hoo!


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