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Friday, November 19, 2004

Soul Mates

One of my favorite picture is Soul Mates by Larry Fanning. It depicts two wolves laying together. One wolf has it's head down on it's paws and the other is sitting up. (I will get a link here.)

I have looked at this picture many times. It is very touching to me. Friday night I was looking at it again and for the very first time ever it occurred to me that perhaps the wolf laying down was the female. Up to this point I had always assumed the male was laying down. Yes, this does say a lot about me.

In my marriage I have always been "in charge." It was only a couple months ago I choose to vacate the leadership role. My husband very nobly stepped up to fill the void. Our house has been so much better ever since. However, the shift in my perception of the picture tells me even more.

It never occured to me I believed it was the woman's place to lead. I always thought it was the guy's role, but apparently my "hard wiring" was set to the exact opposite. It was through the help of a great master I was able to make this shift. It has always been my belief that the greatest master's are the one's who help you find truths within yourself. Thank you Harv and Satyen.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally, I think the "leadership role" should be shared. Each leading where they are most capable. Two heads are better than one!

Wed Mar 09, 07:23:00 PM MST  

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