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Friday, November 26, 2004

Ah......Turkey and Shopping

Hello everyone. Here in the USA yesterday was Thanksgiving. This of course is where we remember all those less fortunate than us by stuffing ourselves with enough food to feed a small army then complaining because we have way too much left over food.

This year in our family we spent about 2 weeks talking with the children about what we are thankful for, (or "what makes up happy.") We made a paper tree and decorated it with "thank you" leaves. We came up with more than 50 leaves. We also took a couple cases of veggies over to the local Mission and talked about how not everyone has enough food or a place to live. Our Thanksgiving feast had all the trimmings, but we fixed enough for the meal and maybe a day of leftovers insted of cooking so much it got thrown out in waste. We are changing the holiday a bit in our house.

After the meal the kids got to have extra movie time as a treat while Mommy and Best Friend reviewed all the ads, planning our "morning." (Is 4 am really morning?) We decided on simple items this year, one or two gifts per child and nothing frivolous.

Our first "hit" opened at 5 am. OK. 4 am alarm. In line by 4:30. We were after a couple games, Scene It and Disney Scene It. Well, we found Scene It quickly enough, but the Disney one was somewhere else. Best Friend found it just as Mr. Mean Man took all 10 boxes off the shelf. She asked if she could have just one to which he replied "!" Very rude! We ended up with a different game.

We left there and went on to Staples with a 6 am opening time. We waited outside in the 33 F cold for about 50 minutes. Best Friend's Knight Hubby joined us in line with their Sweet Daughter. Between all of us we were able to snag everything on our lists. It was great. The whole energy charge of the morning began sinking in. It was cool. :) Off to Wal*Mart, where evey door buster was gone. On to King's. 20 minutes out in the cold. Got our Brother Bear toys. Hot Wheels from Walgreens. An emergency stop for potty and caffine. Ok, another emergency stop for Krispy Kremes. After all, they're hot and fresh! On to Target. Sleds, Video Games, a hat and two coin purses later we head over to Cost Plus. "Yeah! Last stop!" Wander and browse. Some candles and two little chocolates later we walk out very content.

"Oh, since we are right here can we stop in Borders for a bit?" Ok. So rummaging through the Bargin books for a while and a gift for little brother later we are really done this time. 45 minutes later we start unloading our treasures. Now all we have to do is all that wrapping.......

and we are truely grateful to have gifts to wrap and loved ones to give them to.


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